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AKD escort for 2015 CCTV CHIH YUAN Warship Archaeological Salvaging Live Report

CHIH YUAN Warship is an armour deck cruiser built by the England Armstrong Shipyard. It is the first cruiser of CHIH YUAN Cruisers ordered by the imperial Chinese Beiyang navy of Qing Dynasty. In September 17th 1894, the Sino-Japanese naval battle inflicted heavy losses on CHIH YUAN navies lead by General Deng Shichang. Deng intended to crash into the Japanese warships to perish together. However, they got bombarded and sank in the end. After 120 years, our national archaeological team found an approximately 1600 ton shipwreck Danton No. 1 in the Yellow Sea area. It has been confirmed as the solemn and stirring CHIH YUAN warship eventually in the past few days.

In October 4th-5th 2015,CCTV live report about CHIH YUAN Warship Archaeological Salvaging was conducted in Danton Harbor. Technicians of AKD Communication Technology Co., Ltd had brought our independent research and development product - AKD Maritime Antenna arrived at the scene. There we succeed escorting for the live report with real-time signal transmitting mission accomplished.

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